Got to Label It

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What we want, we want to know
What we need, we need to know
All I’m asking, is it GMO?  (Got to label it! Got to label it!)

It’s really got me mystified
If people want it nationwide
Why can’t we get labels on our food?  (Got to label it! Got to label it!)

Such a crime, that we have to fight
But this time, you’re gonna do what’s right
All I want you to do for me is labels on our food  (Got to label it! Got to label it!)

L -A-B-E-L-I-T , take responsibility
L-A-B-E-L-I-T , right where, we can see
(show it to me, show it to me,
show it to me, show it to me)

Monsanto’s making all that money
But poisoning our food, just ain’t funny
I don’t want pesticides on my dinner plate

We have the right to know – If it’s GMO
Stop your lying – no more modifying
Campaign donations – cause mutations..

© Doug Hendren 2012

original parody of “Respect” written by Otis Redding and performed by Aretha Franklin


WHAT’S THE SONG ABOUT?  Due to political influence over our FDA and court system, including the Supreme Court, exercised over the years by the Monsanto Company, the development of the genetically modified food industry has received an extraordinary level of US government support while avoiding even the most basic standards of safety testing.  Most countries in the world today have mandatory labeling laws for GMO foods, even in China and Africa. Due to the strategic political influence of Monsanto in the United States, such labeling laws have not yet been established. Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto VP is currently serving as our “Food Safety Czar” (FDA head), and will no doubt do his best to continue preventing such laws from passing.  At the time of this writing, there is a referendum on the ballot for California in November 2012, and numerous activist groups focused on this issue.  See also notes to “Oh, Monsanto” and “Just Say No to GMO”.

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 NationOfChange provides frequent up-to-date articles on Monsanto and food labeling efforts.

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