Cookie Jar

If you want to catch a monkey,         G    G7
All you need’s a cookie jar.                   C
They grab the goodies, don’t let go,     D
And don’t get very far.                          G    CG  D

They just can’t stand to drop their hand      G   G7
So easy,  so bizarre,                                C    C#dim
If you want to catch a monkey,                G   E7
All you need’s a cookie jar!                      Am  D  G

Now, Mr. Darwin cautioned us
About our pedigree,
All the monkeys hanging ’round
Up in our family tree.

They’re having fun in Washington, 
Come from near & far,
Just to grab the cash in  the coal and gas
And oil cookie jar.

Now we all know, gotta let go          E7
Of fossil fuels                                       A7
If we want to last, better drop it fast   D7
But we don’t make the rules.           G  CG D

And the fossil corporations are
The richest ones by far,
And they just keep stuffing money
Into Congress’ cookie jar.

And every candidate is  a primate     E7
Make no mistake                                 A7
And it’s hard to find a Congressman D7
That isn’t on the take. And you know,   G

We’ll never get it righted                    E7
Until we say au revoir to                    A7
Citizens United, and just                   D7
Lock that cookie jar!                       G –  D—

©Doug Hendren, Nancy Beall 2016

What’s it about?  American politics was radically altered by the infamous 2010 Supreme Court “Citizens United” decision allowing unlimited flow of corporate money into US elections. What used to be illegal is now permitted under the notion that “corporations are people”, and that “money is speech”.

A 2014 study from Princeton and Northwestern universities concluded that the United States no longer qualifies as a functioning democracy. Corporate money has won – for now.

Global fossil subsidies are an estimated $10 million per minute, according to the IMF (2015).

How much money have your representatives taken from the fossil fuel industry? You can find out here.

We face unparalleled challenges of climate change, social and environmental disruption and dangerous maldistribution of wealth. As long as corporate interests have the upper hand over democratic decision-making, it is an uphill battle.

Fortunately, a number of well-organized organizations are working to undo this disastrous Supreme Court decision, including MoveToAmend,  Public Citizen and other initiatives outlined here by Bill Moyers & Company.

Get on board! The future is much to important to be left to politicians!


  1. According to the National Debt Clock (website), the US national debt is currently $19,790,120,776,473.61 If all of this corporate cash was funneled into paying the debt, it would be payed off in 3 years and 9 months. That would be a real gift to future generations. Imagine how much interest we are paying on 19 trillion dollars.

    So the big questions are:
    1. Where is all that money actually going? No Really…Where the hell is all of this money going?

    2. If these giant companies have that much disposable revenue to give to the government, why aren’t they being taxed?

    3. If they give 5.3 trillion per year ($10 million per minute), there is no need for any private citizen to pay federal taxes again. The 2016 federal spending budget is 3.999 trillion dollars. We could even be so nice as to send them a 1.301 trillion dollar return at the end of the year. Removing the federal tax burden would give the lower and middle class some spending power, and voila the economy would be running like a rocket.

    Keep up the great work Doug. Loved the horns in the background.

    • Anne Nielsen says:

      Wonderful words catchy tune…this could help us do it, getting rid of citizen’s united.
      Trumpet a nice addition. Thanks, Anne

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