Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!

Money has poisoned our democracy. Notes from a visit to Congress.I went to Washington, knocked on the door, Rayburn building, second floor, To talk about the climate thing. But all I saw was dinosaurs, Business behind closed doors. Sounded like Ka-ching, Ka-ching!I said I’m breathing fossil smoke. … [Read more...]

All I Want is H2O

In the early days when they come to town, spread money all around. They treat you so polite, ‘till you sign away your mineral rights. They build a fracking tower so high, looks like it’ll touch the sky. Pretty soon they start to drill, and they’re just not thinking ‘bout what might spill. Or … [Read more...]

The Social Cost of Carbon

Oh, the social cost of carbon isn’t nice. That’s the part that’s not included in the price. Corporations make a killing, while  you and I pay twice. Oh, the social cost of carbon isn’t nice.         And the social cost of carbon isn’t fair, ‘Cause it damages the water and the air, Gives … [Read more...]

Solar Spill

A      D        A         D We never saw it coming. A             D         E -- It caught us unprepared, A              D      A The day that solar power D         A         E       A -- Started spilling everywhere. At first it was a trickle, But then it was a roar. And nobody did ever … [Read more...]

Only a Fool

I wake up in the morning, Feel like a V.I.P. Falling on my rooftop, Falling down on me, Sunshine makes my power During all the daylight hours. Only a fool would pay for fuel When you can get it for free. Sun runs my household. Soon it’s gonna drive my car. It’s right there, it’s … [Read more...]

We’ve Got Sunshine

We've got sunshine in Virginia We want solar, who could ask for anything more? Here's the problem - Dominion Power They don't like sunshine, they're really a dinosaur We're preparing, for our future It is knocking, on your door They are burning, coal for power They devour, but they … [Read more...]