The Great Cartel of Carbon

There's never been a storm so hard As crushed the Philippines. And every island nation Knows exactly what it means. The floods in Colorado, Fires in Yosemite, We watch them from our living rooms On MSNBC. CHORUS: It's tough, the magic Carbon Cartel must say adieu, So sad to  tell, the … [Read more...]

You’ve Got to Bend

Gather round, Harvard, For a new investment plan. Gas and coal and oil are deadly blights. The oceans now are rising, And no scholar can deny Fossil fuel is ecological dynamite. CHORUS: Just a small change in your game, And the University plan'll Still be running a big dividend. This is … [Read more...]

Your House is Burning Your crops are dying and the land so dry, Looks like the weather has changed. Put all that carbon in the sky, And took away the rain. Some people say it's just a funny year, Nothing to do with the atmosphere,   But your house is burning     … [Read more...]

The North Pole Disappeared

Song Lyrics We're in a peck of trouble Like we've never been before. Something's going on that we No longer can ignore. It's a lousy time to happen, But the North Pole disappeared. It's got to do with chemistry Up in the atmosphere. The Ice, it started getting thin And then it broke … [Read more...]