Fracking is Everywhere

http:// Something is going on,  Pennsylvania,      Gmaj7/6 Down on the farm.                                          Am/D9 (2) Governor’s telling me not to be alarmed. Gmaj7  G#dim6 D7  D+5 Animals upside down from drinking the water,  Families falling down from breathing the air.           … [Read more...]

Chasing Ice Blues; song for a melting planet

When the ice starts to fall,                              D/F#  A       D/F#  A And it’s higher than a mile tall,                      D/F# A    F#m  E One degree don’t come free,                           D/F#A      D7 And I wonder, can you see at all?                  A  A/F#   E   F#m And I … [Read more...]

Black Serpent

Sweet water, from the Rockies,                    A Montana to the plain,                                     A     E Wide Missouri,  America’s river                   E To amber waves of grain.                               E    A Still see horizons black with buffalo, Hear the steps of … [Read more...]

All I Want is H2O

In the early days when they come to town, spread money all around. They treat you so polite, ‘till you sign away your mineral rights. They build a fracking tower so high, looks like it’ll touch the sky. Pretty soon they start to drill, and they’re just not thinking ‘bout what might spill. Or … [Read more...]

Seattle, Don’t Back Down!

Everyone else has gone, But Shell Oil’s still hanging on. Every day they roll the dice, Melt away the Arctic ice. And now Shell Oil is at your door. They want to drill on the ocean floor. Seattle, Seattle don’t back down! Just do the math and you will learn We’ve got more than we can … [Read more...]