Cookie Jar

If you want to catch a monkey,         G    G7 All you need’s a cookie jar.                   C They grab the goodies, don’t let go,     D And don’t get very far.                          G    CG  D They just can’t stand to drop their hand      G   G7 So easy,  so bizarre,                       … [Read more...]

Chasing Ice Blues; song for a melting planet

When the ice starts to fall,                              D/F#  A       D/F#  A And it’s higher than a mile tall,                      D/F# A    F#m  E One degree don’t come free,                           D/F#A      D7 And I wonder, can you see at all?                  A  A/F#   E   F#m And I … [Read more...]

Remember Who To hear song, click here Remember who’s in love with you, No matter where you are. Remember who’s in love with you. If I’m blue, or ninety-two, Or swinging on a star, Remember who’s in love with you. It feels so sweet, when we meet, To take your hand in … [Read more...]