What You Reap

What you reap is what you sow.        Em B7 C — Don’t you ask me how I know.          G C7 B7 — What you sow is what you reap:       Em B7 C A7 Sow a hurricane, you get no sleep.   C7 B7 — Em B7 Em B7 Greedy men, greedy men rule this land, Em B7 C — Building castles in the sand,               … [Read more...]

Fast Track Blues

Good things take a long time, long time don’t you know? Trouble can come on fast, but good things happen slow. Get off that fast track,  mmm-mmm Big train is a comin’, called the TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and baby, it ain’t free. Get off of that Fast Track,  no TPP. Corporations and … [Read more...]

Willie Sutton’s Blues

Willie Sutton robbed the banks, that's where the money was. He got away a hundred times or more. But Willie only robbed the rich, some say a noble cause. He would never stoop to robbing from the poor. And if he were   alive today We'd really see him blush, To see the way the banks today Are … [Read more...]

The Great Cartel of Carbon

There's never been a storm so hard As crushed the Philippines. And every island nation Knows exactly what it means. The floods in Colorado, Fires in Yosemite, We watch them from our living rooms On MSNBC. CHORUS: It's tough, the magic Carbon Cartel must say adieu, So sad to  tell, the … [Read more...]

The Free Market

Well, there's something that makes me wanna jump and shout It seems everybody's always talking about The free market, as if it's just a fact But you know it ain't free if it destroys your habitat Well, the market may help you if you're already rich, But man, if your are struggling, it's a … [Read more...]