Only a Fool

I wake up in the morning, Feel like a V.I.P. Falling on my rooftop, Falling down on me, Sunshine makes my power During all the daylight hours. Only a fool would pay for fuel When you can get it for free. Sun runs my household. Soon it’s gonna drive my car. It’s right there, it’s … [Read more...]

We’ve Got Sunshine

We've got sunshine in Virginia We want solar, who could ask for anything more? Here's the problem - Dominion Power They don't like sunshine, they're really a dinosaur We're preparing, for our future It is knocking, on your door They are burning, coal for power They devour, but they … [Read more...]

Dominion Song We're Dominion, your utility, We control your electricity. We like saying that we're going green, But more money's what we really mean. Don't want solar, can't you see, We don't like your liberty. We're Dominion, you can't resist, Gonna make you Cease and … [Read more...]