Chasing Ice Blues; song for a melting planet

When the ice starts to fall,                              D/F#  A       D/F#  A And it’s higher than a mile tall,                      D/F# A    F#m  E One degree don’t come free,                           D/F#A      D7 And I wonder, can you see at all?                  A  A/F#   E   F#m And I … [Read more...]

The Social Cost of Carbon

Oh, the social cost of carbon isn’t nice. That’s the part that’s not included in the price. Corporations make a killing, while  you and I pay twice. Oh, the social cost of carbon isn’t nice.         And the social cost of carbon isn’t fair, ‘Cause it damages the water and the air, Gives … [Read more...]

Solar Spill

A      D        A         D We never saw it coming. A             D         E -- It caught us unprepared, A              D      A The day that solar power D         A         E       A -- Started spilling everywhere. At first it was a trickle, But then it was a roar. And nobody did ever … [Read more...]

It’s All About You

CHORUS: -                       G                                  D It aint about Bambi, and it ain’t about trees; -                        D7                                G     G7 It ain’t about butterflies, it ain’t about bees; -                      C       C#dim6                         … [Read more...]

Exxon Knew All Along

(to hear song, click HERE) Your neighbors are making a scene,                       G/  C/ And your papers won’t say what it means.             G/  D/ While civilization careens,                                       G/  C/ It’s carbon pollution that’s killing your dreams,      C D C D And … [Read more...]

Elephant Loose on Wall Street

To hear song, click here There’s an elephant loose on wall street. It isn’t just bulls and bears. Whenever he speaks, nobody peeks, Because nobody dares. He tiptoes around commodities, Sleeping in the stocks and bonds. He asks the elite he happens to meet, “What planet are you on?” There’s a bubble … [Read more...]

The Ballad of Pope Francis Good Pope Francis had arranged A conference on climate change, So scientists could share research With men and women of the Church. You might not think there’s any harm, Science and religion arm in arm. - But we beg to disagree!" Says the fossil fuel … [Read more...]

Seattle, Don’t Back Down!

Everyone else has gone, But Shell Oil’s still hanging on. Every day they roll the dice, Melt away the Arctic ice. And now Shell Oil is at your door. They want to drill on the ocean floor. Seattle, Seattle don’t back down! Just do the math and you will learn We’ve got more than we can … [Read more...]

Fracking’s Just a Bad Dream

A walk in these mountains, Green, green valleys, Used to fill my heart with pride. Now fracking towers, Poison power, You can hear creation cry: Fracking’s just a bad dream. It’s just a bad dream. Teeth in the limestone, Two miles down, Every inch a thousand years. Some things … [Read more...]

What’s in a Number?

                                  What’s in a number? I’ll give you a clue It’s pretty important To know one or two. Ninety-eight point six Or a hundred and five Makes  all the difference In staying alive. Our planet is warming, And science foresees We’d better stay inside Of two … [Read more...]