No Corporations in Heaven

To hear song, click here Heaven once had corporations, Once upon a time. But the courts, the schools, the golden rule All got left behind. Our food and water, and the government Just went all to hell. But things are better now, We learned the lesson well: No corporations in heaven, No … [Read more...]

Fast Track Blues

Good things take a long time, long time don’t you know? Trouble can come on fast, but good things happen slow. Get off that fast track,  mmm-mmm Big train is a comin’, called the TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and baby, it ain’t free. Get off of that Fast Track,  no TPP. Corporations and … [Read more...]

Democracy is Not For Sale

Let me tell you a story, about the USA, How our Supreme Court tried to betray. But we called to tell you, baby you got mail, Because our democracy is not for sale! Citizens United, now McCutcheon too, Representation, for just a few. But We the People are  the holy grail, And our democracy … [Read more...]