What You Reap

What you reap is what you sow.        Em B7 C — Don’t you ask me how I know.          G C7 B7 — What you sow is what you reap:       Em B7 C A7 Sow a hurricane, you get no sleep.   C7 B7 — Em B7 Em B7 Greedy men, greedy men rule this land, Em B7 C — Building castles in the sand,               … [Read more...]

What Do You Mean By Freedom?

Don’t you like liberty? Don’t you want us to be free? Well let me see… what do you mean by freedom?  I think you should pay your share But you want laissez-faire You’re on the air… what do you mean by freedom? A certain kind of freedom May bring you happiness. You get all the … [Read more...]

Democracy is Not For Sale

Let me tell you a story, about the USA, How our Supreme Court tried to betray. But we called to tell you, baby you got mail, Because our democracy is not for sale! Citizens United, now McCutcheon too, Representation, for just a few. But We the People are  the holy grail, And our democracy … [Read more...]

When I’m Sixty-Five

Song Lyrics People of Congress, ladies and gents /  Kindly lend an ear. Sociable Security and Medicare / When I need them, will they be there? All of my life I'm paying it in / For when the time arrives. Will you still leave me money to feed me / When I'm sixty-five? Don't abandon me! Here's … [Read more...]

Giant Banks

[No video available.]  To hear song,  CLICK HERE At one time a family Could live abundantly, A life of dignity, And be satisfied and sound, Then the banks came to be Driven by gluttony, Turned our economy Into a battleground.                  Deregulation, they called it....         … [Read more...]