A Good Planet is Hard to Find

One's too hot and one's too cold; One's too young  and one's too old; It either turns too fast or slow; A good planet is hard to find. The gravity’s too weak or strong; Night can last a whole year long; That’s not much fun for living on; A good planet is hard to find! It’s very seldom … [Read more...]

Planet “B”

       Some folks think that we can find Another place like this, If we only take a ride On a rocket ship. They think that we can lose the world, And leave behind a mess. When it goes wrong we'll move along, And find a new address. CHORUS: But you can travel far and wide,  I  … [Read more...]


Oh, the world is very big, very big, very large, And the mountains very tall, very tall. And the ocean very deep, very deep and very wide, And people seem so small, very small.                            But the space we’re living in is as thin as your skin. The biosphere is what it is … [Read more...]