Just Say No to GMO !

CHORUS:  Just say no, to GMO’ 'cause Monsanto has got to go Want to see it on the label Say no, say no, say no, to GMO When I go down to the grocery store, Healthy food’s what I’m looking for, Don’t want it modified! I don’t want pesticide! But what I’ve learned about GMOs, Don’t you … [Read more...]

Oh, Monsanto

http://youtu.be/WbUyCq8tiRM Well, you started with dioxin, agent orange, PCB's Now you're fixing to contaminate us all genetically You fiddle with our DNA, you feed us pesticide, And the seeds of your deception are now scattered far and wide OH, MONSANTO, NOW DON'T YOU LIE TO ME We will … [Read more...]

Beautiful Poison

http://youtu.be/o1oh3a8jA8M BEAUTIFUL POISON Corn grows throughout the nation, Corn syrup is in every creation, Monsanto corn as sweet as can be. It's a farmer's fantasy. But when we feed it to rats and mice, Things happen that should make you think twice. They get kidney and liver … [Read more...]