The Climate Gamblers

Well hello, Mr. Chairman, Good men and women. Now we are gathered here To prevent a crime. You’ve got  to wash your hands, Get rid of all your carbon. Come to the altar now. Your life is on the line. You know you can’t dispute it. You can’t refute it. CO2 is poisoning The … [Read more...]

That Is Not The Case

To the president,   the world outside Would like to know if you are satisfied. The great extinction is right on course, The great extinction is right on course. Just how a person can be so smart, And so foolish that it breaks your heart, To Keep poisoning the atmosphere, Keep poisoning the … [Read more...]

You’ve Got to Bend

Gather round, Harvard, For a new investment plan. Gas and coal and oil are deadly blights. The oceans now are rising, And no scholar can deny Fossil fuel is ecological dynamite. CHORUS: Just a small change in your game, And the University plan'll Still be running a big dividend. This is … [Read more...]