The Ballad of Pope Francis Good Pope Francis had arranged A conference on climate change, So scientists could share research With men and women of the Church. You might not think there’s any harm, Science and religion arm in arm. - But we beg to disagree!" Says the fossil fuel … [Read more...]

Fracking’s Just a Bad Dream

A walk in these mountains, Green, green valleys, Used to fill my heart with pride. Now fracking towers, Poison power, You can hear creation cry: Fracking’s just a bad dream. It’s just a bad dream. Teeth in the limestone, Two miles down, Every inch a thousand years. Some things … [Read more...]

Song for West Virginia

In the old times,   In the coal mines, When the rich come around, Give you pennies, take your rivers, Take your mountains down. Take their pleasure, take your treasure, To them it’s only a game. Keep you barefoot in chains, Keep you barefoot in chains. Now it’s oil trains, now it’s … [Read more...]

The Great Cartel of Carbon

There's never been a storm so hard As crushed the Philippines. And every island nation Knows exactly what it means. The floods in Colorado, Fires in Yosemite, We watch them from our living rooms On MSNBC. CHORUS: It's tough, the magic Carbon Cartel must say adieu, So sad to  tell, the … [Read more...]

The Devil Himself

This farm once belonged to my family, 'Til the man from  the company came, Said: "we'll give you good money if you let us drill. Now don't you wanna sign your name? Ooh, don't you wanna sign your name? We're looking for gas and for oil, And you know what that spells." I should have known, … [Read more...]

Subsidies Subsidies, energy subsidies Washington can't function without them; Fossil fuels, it's half of a trillion; Nuclear, it's so many billions. Ethanol never made sense at all, Without the wherewithal of our tax dollars. They'd really be blue, oh, what will they … [Read more...]

Dominion Song We're Dominion, your utility, We control your electricity. We like saying that we're going green, But more money's what we really mean. Don't want solar, can't you see, We don't like your liberty. We're Dominion, you can't resist, Gonna make you Cease and … [Read more...]