What Do You Mean By Freedom?

Don’t you like liberty? Don’t you want us to be free? Well let me see… what do you mean by freedom?  I think you should pay your share But you want laissez-faire You’re on the air… what do you mean by freedom? A certain kind of freedom May bring you happiness. You get all the … [Read more...]

National Security Blues

If you were working for the NSA, And saw how things are going down today, The Constitution going up in flames, They got your numbers and they got your name. Listen people, it  is not TV. They call it national security. What 'you gonna do, When they come for you? Our government has fallen, … [Read more...]

Positively Drone Street

Song Lyrics We've got a lotta nerve to be Killing folks with drones, A situation that can only worsen. Assassinating people from The comfort of our homes Is easier than going there in person. There is no need to pass a draft, It seems so very tame. Don't even need congressional … [Read more...]


[No video available.]   To hear song, CLICK HERE "MONEY IS SPEECH", some people say, That's how they take your life away. Whatever cause you'd like to promote, Every dollar gives you one more vote. Damnation, with no regulation, The corporation, will eat you alive. You think they're … [Read more...]