It’s Time for a Change

When things stop working, Just too much pain, Can’t look in the mirror, It’s time for a change. Behold your neighbor And an outstretched hand, Or keep on pretending You don’t understand. The rich too rich And the poor too poor. Now they’ve got all the money, All they want is more. One … [Read more...]

What You Reap

What you reap is what you sow.        Em B7 C — Don’t you ask me how I know.          G C7 B7 — What you sow is what you reap:       Em B7 C A7 Sow a hurricane, you get no sleep.   C7 B7 — Em B7 Em B7 Greedy men, greedy men rule this land, Em B7 C — Building castles in the sand,               … [Read more...]

No Corporations in Heaven

To hear song, click here Heaven once had corporations, Once upon a time. But the courts, the schools, the golden rule All got left behind. Our food and water, and the government Just went all to hell. But things are better now, We learned the lesson well: No corporations in heaven, No … [Read more...]

The Good New Days

Song Lyrics Imagine it's the year 2030...This could be our world... One day we just stopped messing around And left the carbon in the ground, Made a sensible economy, To live sustainably, We stopped worrying about the GDP, Less stuff, but we have enough. Welcome to the Good New … [Read more...]

When I’m Sixty-Five

Song Lyrics People of Congress, ladies and gents /  Kindly lend an ear. Sociable Security and Medicare / When I need them, will they be there? All of my life I'm paying it in / For when the time arrives. Will you still leave me money to feed me / When I'm sixty-five? Don't abandon me! Here's … [Read more...]