I Don’t Need Another War

CHORUS: I don't need another war, how 'bout you?                                       C F C G C It just ain't a patriotic thing to do.                                                  Am D9 G They are bleeding us with fiction,                                                     F  D9 Feeding … [Read more...]

Positively Drone Street

Song Lyrics We've got a lotta nerve to be Killing folks with drones, A situation that can only worsen. Assassinating people from The comfort of our homes Is easier than going there in person. There is no need to pass a draft, It seems so very tame. Don't even need congressional … [Read more...]

Too Many Guns

Song Lyrics Why does a man reach for weapons of war Whenever he cannot agree? And how can a man look at 28 lives, And kill them so casually? And why do we claim that it's illness to blame, Or video games or TV? The answer is one: Just too many guns. It comes down to too many … [Read more...]