The Free Market

Well, there's something that makes me wanna jump and shout It seems everybody's always talking about The free market, as if it's just a fact But you know it ain't free if it destroys your habitat Well, the market may help you if you're already rich, But man, if your are struggling, it's a … [Read more...]

We Should Have Known Better!

We-e-e-e-e---- should have known better with the banks like you That you would lie about the things that you do And you do, hey, hey, hey, and you do ! Oh, oh, we-e-e-e- never realized how bad a bank could be To act so irresponsibly Can't you see? See that we.... Come to your rescue with a … [Read more...]

Giant Banks

[No video available.]  To hear song,  CLICK HERE At one time a family Could live abundantly, A life of dignity, And be satisfied and sound, Then the banks came to be Driven by gluttony, Turned our economy Into a battleground.                  Deregulation, they called it....         … [Read more...]


[No video available.]   To hear song, CLICK HERE "MONEY IS SPEECH", some people say, That's how they take your life away. Whatever cause you'd like to promote, Every dollar gives you one more vote. Damnation, with no regulation, The corporation, will eat you alive. You think they're … [Read more...]

Parasites of Wall Street

No video available.  To hear song,  CLICK HERE It's a hundred years since Wall Street has been at war, Busy giving to the rich and taking from the poor. But foreign profit's getting thin, and so today They've turned around, targeting the USA. Parasites of Wall Street have stolen the … [Read more...]