Black Serpent

Sweet water, from the Rockies,                    A Montana to the plain,                                     A     E Wide Missouri,  America’s river                   E To amber waves of grain.                               E    A Still see horizons black with buffalo, Hear the steps of … [Read more...]

Live – “All I Want is H2O” done by Baltimore filmmaker Mike Wicklein at The Wicklein Group. Song was done for Frack Free Maryland. The occasion was a screening of "Gasland" filmmaker Josh Fox's new film, "How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things That Climate Can't … [Read more...]

All I Want is H2O

In the early days when they come to town, spread money all around. They treat you so polite, ‘till you sign away your mineral rights. They build a fracking tower so high, looks like it’ll touch the sky. Pretty soon they start to drill, and they’re just not thinking ‘bout what might spill. Or … [Read more...]

Better Keep It Clean

You may like coffee, and you may like tea, Hurricane or home brew, it's the same to me. You can ask anyone to validate: They're all made out of water, and they all taste great. You've got to be some kind of crazy fool To mix it up with mercury and fossil fuel, Arsenic and tar sands, and … [Read more...]

The Devil Himself

This farm once belonged to my family, 'Til the man from  the company came, Said: "we'll give you good money if you let us drill. Now don't you wanna sign your name? Ooh, don't you wanna sign your name? We're looking for gas and for oil, And you know what that spells." I should have known, … [Read more...]